Fallout 4: Spin the Wheel, Raggedy Man

Played almost 2 hours without dying, except for when I accidentally jumped off of something high … and the time I swam in radioactive water … oh, and when those ghouls killed me …
hmm … maybe it’s time to build some better armor …

Can't touch this

Wasteland style

Now I’m back at Sanctuary looking through my kit, trying to figure out this “crafting” thing, which isn’t gonna be easy, since IRL I have also been doing the “drinking” thing.  Apparently I have to make beds, which first involves having a temper tantrum and throwing everything on the ground.

Seriously, you apparently “scrap” stuff by going into some secret workshop view mode and … oh, wait, I think I see now.  You scrap inventory by going into the workshop, while you can scrap environmental stuff  like barrels and ruined houses and neighbors and …

I may have gotten a little carried away …


It’s gone, baby.

I leveled that place to the bedrock – houses, cars, medical supplies, playground equipment, Bambi’s mom …

Not Lydia


Seriously, it’s probably a good thing my wife isn’t alive:
“Honey, where’s the baby?”


Press R to scrap 

I got them some beds:


It never said they had to be inside.  

I got some water pumps, modded a couple of weapons, planted some taters:


Ah, the sickly green glow of farming.

and I finally got myself some semi-decent armor:


Seriously, the stats say it’s better.

I looked at that picture and realized this wasn’t Fallout – it was Mad Max.


I was dropping beds like a maniac and screaming about needing pig manure, so they sent me off to Lexington to deal with some Raiders who apparently were also seriously into parkour:


Really, how many of these do I have to climb?

Parkour in power armor, actually, as I discovered when I was handed back the flaming pieces of what was once my ass.  I’m standing there trying to stitch my arm back on when the raider takes off her helmet.  Something about her looked familiar …


Aunty Entity.

She smirked as she looked at me holding my guts in with my one non-crippled hand.  I looked up at her.

“This is gonna suck, isn’t it?” I said.

“Spin the wheel, Raggedy Man.”


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