Call of Cthulhu: Video Game Announced

Perhaps the stars will be right in 2017, and the upcoming Call of Cthulhu game will drive us all mad from the revelation.

I find myself cautiously optimistic, based on the entirety of the two screenshots we’ve got so far.  Then again, I was cautiously optimistic when I saw the trailers for Star Wars: The Force Hits the Snooze Button, which turned out to be, basically Star Wars Rebooted.  And Fallout 4, for which I purchased an entirely new computer, broke my lil’ gamer heart.

But still … Call of Cthulhu.  With modern graphics … not that CoC really needs modern graphics … I mean, in theory, the better you render Cthulhu, the more gamers will end up twitching on the office floor, smoke pouring from the holes where their eyes were.  And I’m frankly kind of curious how they’re going to do a stealth-based game using non-Euclidean geometry:

To move left, press Z-<ftaghn>

Which raises the question: other than not needing to play with other people, what advantage does a video game bring to HPL?  Especially when you consider the track record for Lovecraftian movies.  (Re-Animator excepted.  Guiltily, but excepted)  The odds are against a faithful adaptation, or even a successful reimagining.

But … if you noticed, the title card is using the same font as the original pen-and-paper CoC, and according to the game’s website,  this is supposed to be the “official videogame adaptation” of the RPG.

I’m hoping that means all the roleplaying elements, like SAN loss statistics- wow, sudden tangent: insanity would be one mechanic that could really be put to good use in a video game.  An insane character could perceive an entirely different world than the “real” game world: an Investigator with paranoia could hear nonexistent whispers, for instance, and since it’s a video game, the player wouldn’t – shouldn’t – ever be told he’s insane.

Which kind of reminds me of an old flash horror game I played many years ago.  Of course I’ll never remember the name of it now, but it centered around mysterious doings in a small town, and a painting – the infamous “haunted eBay paintingThe Hands Resist Him

Beats “Dogs Playing Poker”

By, Fair use,

and at some point (I have a mind like a steel sieve) you went through the painting, and you came out the other side back in the same town, but now it was dark and twisted and evil, and you could see the bloodstains and shadow monsters that were invisible before, and somehow walking down a corridor that you now know was stained with bloody handprints was freakin’ creeeeeepy.

Oh, and you died at the end.  Now that was a good game.


We’ll have to wait until 2017 to see if Call of Cthulhu matches up.  While you’re waiting, check out Sandy Petersen talking about the original.




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