The Post is Dark and Full or Errors

Jon Snow is alive.  He was raised from the dead by Melisandre.

Called it.

Or at least, he’s still alive in the TV series; we’ll probably have to wait until the next Ice Age for a new book, but I think Martin will stick pretty closely to the show; after all, “science fiction storytelling in a fantasy world” is one of the main themes of the series.  The final conflict will come down to Caitlyn, Jon, and Daeryns or however you spell her name.  Eventually, the political posturing of the various houses will be meaningless against the power of magic.

Or … he could be building it up to appear that way, and then end by having political machinations and mob rule be more powerful even than the Old Magic.  That would turn GoT into a commentary on the strangulation of creativity by bureaucracy, and would subvert the genre as developed by Roger Zelazny.

“And those damn stupid barbarians with their damned stupid swords will win after all.”
— Larry Niven, The Magic Goes Away

It would also be seriously fcking depressing, and a miserable way to end a zillion-word story, so one I wouldn’t have bet on until I read Joe Abercrombie.  I’m still depressed about the First Law series.

I have to confess, I haven’t actually watched GoT, partly because I don’t have an actual television, and I haven’t read the books in years.  Given my alcohol and (former) tobacco consumption levels, once I hit 35, I decided not to get too involved in long running series.

Speaking of leaving things unfinished, I haven’t updated the blog in a while, and I figure it’s about time I do some work around here.  Hopefully I’ll start updating this thing regularly again, which of course is the last sentence written on every abandoned blog since Ancient Egypt.



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