What … IS … this … place?


Did you ever wonder …

Why the Crusades were fought?

Why the Knights Templar were outlawed?

Why St. Peter was crucified on an inverted cross?

Who Jesus REALLY was?

For thousands of years, a sinister cult has lurked unseen in the interstices of history, awaiting the day when their dead Master shall rise once more from the abyssal darkness of the ocean.  Today, we call that cult Christianity.

Someday, the truth will be known … until then, I also write about video games, cats, and science.

And who am I?

“You’re some sort of super-nerd, put together from parts of lesser nerds.”

I’m a statistician at a casino, which is why you should always pay attention to your high school counselor. I’m also an amateur poet & writer, and so of course fate decreed I do all sorts of weird crap to pay the bills like selling lightbulbs, or running Egyptian museum.  I have 2.5 cats, and spend most of my time mediating their Machiavellian – nay, Byzantine – political stratagems.


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