The Space Bankers: Space X Makes First Contact

Remember, you heard it here first.

As if we needed any further proof that the end is near.  Now SpaceX says it will send two “unnamed individuals” (read: big donors) for a weeklong flight “beyond the moon.”  (That is … somewhere in Deep Space.)

How interesting … it won’t let me hyperlink the article.  It’s probably coincidence … of course, everything is coincidence, right up until it isn’t.  They’ve been doing this for a while.  You can get away with anything, so long as nobody cares to look for the truth.  Don’t hide it … just make it boring.

Here’s the entire link:

“Just beyond the moon” … nothing more specific.  Wouldn’t want anyone to be able to point a telescope at it.  That would reveal more than They care to admit at this time.

The entire thing is purposely vague.  No times, no dates, no details.  Seems likely they didn’t actually want to say anything, but they had to before it was leaked.  So they said just enough to stop it from being newsworthy.  Just a couple of “anonymous donors” taking a rocket flight.  Just like any other day.  Right?

Just two space-happy billionaire tourists.  Right.  Why can’t we know their names?  We only know they paid a “significant deposit.”  Lodge fees, for the Bilderberg Group, that is.  Only the extremely wealthy could afford to do something like that.  Does anyone know Bill Gates’ itinerary?  Why spend all that money, to go to some unnamed point somewhere in Deep Space …

… maybe to meet with the Space Bankers?  The time must be drawing near.  Probably they received a message of some kind.

“Come and see,” it would have said.  “We’re waiting.  Show us you can get here.”

The Space Bankers are waiting, out beyond the orbit of the moon.

The plans are nearly complete.  The election is over, and the last steps are being made.  With restrictions off the market, soon we’ll see another financial collapse like 2008, funneling even more money upwards to pay for more rockets … the sky will be thick with them.

Count on it.  Soon after they return (if they return … there is no reason SpaceX has to make the reentry public … could They be sending something … or someone … back?)

Funny how Tesla is building a huge plant in Reno … close to Area 51, and Henderson.  There is a lot of desert out there to hide in.  But don’t worry.  He says it’s for making batteries.  Believe that, and you can sleep at night, until they take your home.

We have only just begun to piece together the truth, but all that I have written is coming true.  Keep your eyes peeled, my friends.  We’ve only just begun.